Find out who the traitor is in AC Valhalla

I had an interesting discussion with one of my good friends about the recent additions to AC Valhalla. Namely, he felt there were too many overpowered cards in the game currently.

This made me think more deeply about it and I came up with some theories on who this traitor may be. Although nothing is set in stone until Ubisoft reveals who the traitor is, it can't hurt to try and make some guesses.

The characters and their roles in Valhalla


One of the main characters introduced in Valhalla. He is a nice and caring person, but doesn't really stand out at anything. I think he might be a bit obsessed about building teamwork skills in a way that could be seen as odd by other people. When he first joined his team I felt something was off but couldn't tell why he was so different compared to other NPCs.

He has a very weak attack, but his teammates have bigger attack stats than him so I'm not too worried about that. It might be possible that Avalon is the traitor in AC Valhalla because of his obsession with building teamwork skills.


Athena is the leader of the team. She is quite popular in Valhalla because of her high attack, defense and HP stats. I find all this a bit suspicious. The leader should have the best stats but maybe she has been threatened or blackmailed to act like that?

I heard that there are rumors saying Athena may no longer be the leader if you complete one of the current quests. However, I think this is just a test from Ubisoft to see if we can find out more about her from other sources.

Athena is definitely worth checking out if you are trying to find the traitor in AC Valhalla.

Ciara, Fairlight and Ceowulf

These three characters don't really stand out for me. They are all equally good in every category except HP where they have very different stats. I think it's interesting that there is a big gap between the HP stat of Ciara and Ceowulf.

Who is the traitor ac valhalla

Ceowulf's profile is mostly about how he looks up to his older sister Ciara. I find this suspicious because it could be linked to why they did not want Athena to become the leader instead.

I think Ceowulf might be even more obsessed with teamwork than Avalon, but in a good way of course ;). They both are too nice for this world!

Fairlight is the only one in his family without a 'special' attack power. I don't think it's related to anything, but it might even be possible that he doesn't have any powers at all? Just asking...

I know what you are thinking now: Why would Ceowulf want to hurt the team? It's very simple: Ceowulf and Fairlight blame Athena for their sister Ciara's death because she was too reckless.

Ciara has been special from day one because of her higher attack, lower HP and never dying in Valhalla missions. In fact, she was even able to solo a level 14 mission before joining the team.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Athena is the traitor in AC Valhalla because of her high HP. I think it's possible she even uses her powers outside of PvP matches too, but this is just my own theory about it.


Athena, Ceowulf and Fairlight are the main characters in AC Valhalla. But which one is the traitor?

I think it's very possible that Athena has special powers because she has the highest HP of all characters in AC Valhalla. This doesn't mean she is using them outside of missions though...

What do you think?




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